Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reindeer Cupcakes!

Okay readers, the time has officially come....
For me to share all my Christmas recipes! I love this time of year, because recipes are everywhere, and there is always an excuse to whip up some sweets :) I thought I'd start out with these adorable reindeer cupcakes. Once I made them, I was in deep turmoil because I didn't want to ruin their pretty faces. But I divulged into Rudolph's nose before I could stop myself. So this recipe is SO easy. You can pretty much do it yourself just by looking at the photo! But let me share with all you what I did:
1. Go ahead and bake cupcakes of your choosing. It could be from a Betty Crocker box, or homemade. I just made simple homemade chocolate cupcakes, and made one vanilla for my little brother. 
2. Once those are done, frost with chocolate icing. 
3. Add pretzels for antlers, a Nilla Wafer for the face, white m&m's for the eyes. (or any type of white candy) And I added black icing for the pupils. For the nose I used a brown m&m, and for rudolph, I just put a red sour skittle:)
These are so adorably festive, and your family/kids will love them! I got invited to yet another gift exchange, so I'm thinking about bringing these as a hostess gift. Hope you enjoy! 

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  1. OKAY. I totally just died and went to heaven with these adorable things. I LOVE them!! I'm Hanna and I just wanted to come by and say thank you so much for your lovely compliment on my new years cupcakes:) LOving your blog and following now:) so nice meeting you!!!!

    xooxxo Hanna

  2. hey hanna, so happy to meet you!! all you're recipes are to die for:) SO glad you love my blog, i have to admit i've had a mild obsession with yours! Thanks for following, it means so much:)