Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magical Fruits

Hi Everyone! I wanted to get this post out before I left the house, so here are some reasons to eat fruit. Who knew that these little guys could totally boost your health, and make weightloss so much easier? Most of your daily calorie and carbs should come from either fruit or vegetables. since they are the natural sugars, plus with tons of healthy vitamins! I mean just look at the apple for instance. I guess the "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" really does come into play here! I love oranges, and I've heard several times that they're known for clearing up skin and helping eyesight. I've never had a kiwi, ill have to try that sometime......okay sorry, sidetracked:) The first photo is an excellent example of a good breakfast or snack, or any meal really! I love it, all the different flavors combined into one healthy dish is sooo good. and good for you! Having this first in the morning before your workout will speed up your metabolism throughout the day.
your journey may never get easy or easier, but don't give up! health is so worth it!
look out for more posts to come..

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  1. Love this chart, Im have always loved healthy food and grapes are my fav =)