Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walk it Out!

WALKING. Almost a sigh of relief compared to running. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself when I say that, but that doesn't ruin the fact that it is an excellent form of exercise. I mean look at all the things you benefit from when choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking farther away from the grocery so you walk farther. Simple stuff really, that you probably don't even think about. But look how you are really moving toward your goal of true health! You strengthen your muscles, improves balance, boosts endorphins for stress relief...(I know some people are listening now!) And get this, it burns more fat than jogging! NO WAY! So I honestly think this is a great way to take a break, release stress, and ignore the world for a little while.

I challenge you all to 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. or if your schedule is too hectic, to the math to see how many minutes that is..(150 for people who don't wanna think about it) and work it around your schedule. maybe its 15 one day, or 5 the other. It doesn't matter, but get it done!
earbuds in, running shoes on, shut out the world.

*you are only ONE exercise away from a good mood!*

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