Monday, November 28, 2011

EXERCISE. you think i'm just gonna post all these delicious recipes, and let you just glue those to your thigh? no way, im here to help you guys all over the board. These are basic exercises that could be done at home, because most of us really have to work time in our schedule for the YMCA. (and thats not forgetting the fact that most people dread the thought of it) so here's an interesting idea....stay in your own home! who would've thought? anyways, so this is a simple 3 workout exercise that has examples on how to work your arms, legs, and abdomen. you'll thank me soon, all though after a few too many twisting crunches you may not like me so much. But you're new rockin' body will! :) hope everyone has an awesome day today, more healthy recipes and advice to come!


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