Thursday, December 15, 2011


okay readers, I have a page on tumblr, and I have a pinterest. And lately I've been searching around looking for fitness tips and healthy encouragements for my fellow bloggers. But all I really came across was a bunch of photos of women in spandex and sports bras, either scary skinny, or almost unrealistically ripped. And the captions for most of these photos was "thinspo." So I did some more research, and apparently thats the name given to a photo or person who motivates/inspires you to get skinnier or lose a lot of weight. Which I do believe being motivated and inspired is important to keep you going on your weight loss journey..but will comparing yourself to those woman really make your mental thinking healthier? Probably not. Those women in the photos most likely, (or maybe I should say definitely) have a different body type than you do. You may look different at 135 llbs than the next person. And you know what? that is okay.  You could be toned, fit, and confident at 140 or 160 llbs, and look 120 or 130! Everyone is different. So don't you dare go compare yourself to someone, because you're usually comparing your weaknesses to their strengths. And when you do that, you're always gonna lose the comparison. You have 1 life, & only 1 body. Treat it with respect. So yes, I'm going to still post helpful workout ideas to help you guys along on your journey. But im also going to be posting delicious recipes so you can just live your life. The way you're supposed to, free and confident. The way you were created to be! 
more to come...

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