Sunday, December 18, 2011

Benefits of Exercise & Water!

Hi readers! Finally Sunday, a good 'ole day of rest. But since it is the start of the new week, and holiday season is thriving, I wanted to post these encouragements sharing the benefits of exercise and water. (Those two tend to go hand in hand I suppose)
 Look at all those healthy benefits:) It doesn't mean you have to go 3 hours at the YMCA, or kill yourself with cardio, how about a nice walk? With a family member or man's best friend? Enjoy the break and go get some fresh air. I love going in the evenings, because I get to explore the Christmas lights around my neighborhood. (One of my Christmas traditions!) Exercise doesn't have to be a chore, be creative, and incorporate it into your daily life. Your body & health will thank you!
How adorable is this little photo above? Now I've always struggled with getting all my water that I need for one day. As some of you know, I'd much rather have my hazelnut cream coffee in the morning, and a diet coke with dinner. But this little chart is helping me realize why I'm always so tired by the time 5:00 in the evening rolls around. Not enough water Rachel, duh go figure. So my new thing that I have discovered is Crystal light packets, or Propel flavored packets. Only like 5 calories each, and I end up drinking aroun 16.9 ounces with one packet. So, not like 5 calories are anything to worry about anyways! So go for it, for the energy, health, and that little black dress :)
Look out for another recipe later!

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