Friday, December 9, 2011

Weight loss Tips!

Okay guys, sorry about not posting for a couple days! Midterms are coming up next I've been a little busy preparing for them. But not to fear, I have a new series that I am going to be adding to this blog. ........wait for it......dramatic pause.......apprehension rising.....weight loss tips! the whole drama thing probably wasn't super necessary, but at least I now have your attention. I'll be randomly posting little tips and encouragements to help you on your weight loss journey. And that is what weight loss is! a journey. And that is what leads us to our first tip...which is to Set Goals:

Losing 50 pounds by Valentines day is hardly a small goal.  & Just the thought may kill your motivation to even get started! So start small. 1 pound. 3 pounds. success. Look at you, you're already getting somewhere! And being proud of yourself for each little achievement will push you to keep going. Instead of jumping into a 5k, or working yourself to death by spending 2 hours at the gym, give yourself 10-15 minutes in the morning. Don't you dare groan at the thought of working out. Any small amount of exercise is better than nothing! And slowly by slowly you will  get stronger, and be able to workout longer. I will be posting more helpful workout routines to go along with this new series, workouts you can do in your house before work, school, or just daily life. Feel free to look back on some of my earlier posts, I have some workouts posted already! And remember: It doesn't matter how fast you're going, because you're still lapping everyone else sitting on the couch.  Good luck! Keep me updated in the comments on how you are doing. 
have an awesome weekend everyone :)


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