Saturday, December 3, 2011

10 Healthy Under 10 Minutes!

Before I post the recipes Im gonna give you the promised beneficial facts of eating breakfast. This will most likely be a long blogpost, so stay with me here. The most important rule about breakfast is...EAT IT. 
I know you can hear me. eat breakfast. it is important for a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully the font change catches your attention..because I never want you to forget that most important part! Now, lets get to facts.
1. healthy eating habits: People who eat breakfast consume less fat and cholesterol, and more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than people who skip out. 
2. Weight management: The National Weight Control Registry reported that people who eat breakfast have an easier time managing their weight than those who don't.
3. More energy: Breakfast provides your body with plenty of nutrients that you need to stay up to speed for several hours.
4. Fitness: It is believed that people who eat breakfast have more energy & participation in physical activity than people who don't eat it.
5. Focus: American Dietic Association states that eating a good breakfast helps a persons ability to focus throughout the day.
6. Memory: Breakfast Improves memory & learning abilities.
7. Better Mood: If you skip out on Breakfast, it could result in you being tired and impatient. Having a healthy breakfast can improve your mood. Just take 10 minutes out of your morning to fill your stomach.
8. Be a Role Model: You don't want your kids to not eat breakfast just because you don't. so set a good example, because their little eyes are always watching what you do! And you'll need the energy to look after them all day :)

okay, there are some facts, lets get on to those 10 examples of good breakfasts!
1. slow cooking oats with kiwi, mango, banana, green grapes, and honey. 

2. Organic flax waffles with warm peanut butter, banana slices, and chopped walnuts. (I like almonds as well. )
3. sesame ezekiel toast, (or any bread you prefer! i love rye bread for this) with reduced fat cottage cheese (I used laughing cow cheese, and spread it all over) tomato slices, and parsley garnish. 
4. Tofu scramble with red peppers, zuchini, onions, and mushrooms. (& obviously, tofu :)

5. A classic! PB&J on an english muffin. (or toast or a mini whole wheat bagel)
6. Breakfast Bruschetta: french baguette with scrambled eggs, thin layer of reduced fat cream cheese, diced cherry and tomatoes, & fresh parsley. (For an even healthier option, I prefer using only egg whites)
7. Mini whole wheat waffles with any fruit you like on top. (mango in the picture) Add some honey and powdered sugar. Am I the only one whose mouth is totally watering?
8. whole wheat toast with scrambled eggs, (again, you could use egg whites) fresh spinach, and provalone cheese. (again, use any cheese you'd like.) I also love adding marinara sauce!
9. Fruit Bruschetta: original chocolate cherry bread, (found at Whole Foods) topped with honey roasted peanut butter, fresh cantaloupe, (my favorite fruit!) strawberries, honey, and powdered sugar.
10. whole wheat toast with 2 hard boiled eggs, and half a grape fruit. Fun Fact: grapefruits are spectacular for your metabolism, because they burn calories while digesting! 

okay everyone, hope this is super helpful for all of you. I know this was a super long post, but worth it! you have so many healthy, delicious, easy to make,  breakfast options, you'll never have an excuse to skip breakfast anymore! If you are rushing out the door, I recommend either number 5, 7, or 10 :)
Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar. (although I mix those up way too often!)
Have a good saturday evening guys, more to come!

*disclaimer* other than the recipes personalized, I received the pictures, facts, and basic recipes from a website named :) 

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